If you've used low-quality pizza stones, you may have dealt with damage to your stone. Cheaper stones are prone to cracking and breaking from the normal wear and tear of heating and cooling and general use. Fortunately, Cast Elegance is not one of those stones!

Our stones are shipped in top-quality, form-fitted boxes with foam padding to guarantee safe arrival. The stones are also made from ultra-strong Thermarite, ensuring a long, reliable service life. 

My stone arrived chipped or cracked

Our goal is your satisfaction! A stone arriving damaged is extremely rare. If you experience that, please contact us immediately so we can take care of you. If you purchased the stone through Amazon, contact Amazon to initiate a return/replacement. 

My stone is stained or smells

Check out this article.

My stone has mold or mildew on it

Anything left in a dark place with moisture and food on it is a recipe for mold or mildew regardless of what the thing is. Our stones are no different! The best defence against mold and mildew is to keep the stone clean and store it properly. Doing so will ensure a long, effective life for your stone.