Stone Dimensions

Our stones come in three different sizes and shapes:

  • 14 inch round
  • 16 inch round
  • 14x16 inch rectangular


The weights of just the stones are approximately: 

  • 14 inch round: 5.9 pounds
  • 16 inch round: 7.4 pounds
  • 14 x 16 inch rectangular:  8.3 pounds


The stones are roughly 5/8 inch thick. This is a great balance between heat retention, preheating time, and overall weight and durability. 

What oven size do I need?

Most ovens easily accommodate the 14 inch round or 14X16 rectangular stones. 

To find out what your oven can fit, open the oven and slide out a rack. Measure the flat surface of the rack from the back to the front. This is usually between 14 and 15 inches with some ovens achieving 16 to 17 inches. Also, measure the width of the rack, although this is seldom the limiting dimension. Be aware, most oven racks have an upward slant in the very back of the rack that prevents the rack from being pulled out when the rack is slid all the way out.  Do not use that part in your measurements.  The stone will not fit flat if you try to push it up on that portion of the rack. 

Maximum Temperature

Our pizza stones are made from a premium, proprietary blend of cordierite that will withstand temperatures above 1400°F. We crafted your stone in a refracting oven at temperatures over 1800°F. It’s designed to withstand the intense heat of a pizza grill, a professional pizza oven, a gas grill, pellet grill, or even a Big Green Egg or a Kamado Grill—we’ve even used ours over a roaring campfire.