Before using the stong do read the Care and Use Insert carefully, as it includes directions and steps such as:
• A wet or cold stone will not work
• If your stone gets wet, dry it in the oven at 500F° for 60 minutes before using
• Always preheat the stone for 30 minutes before putting food on it
• Never wash with soap or any chemicals
• Never put your stone in the dishwasher

Now that you have read over the care instructions, get your pizza ready. Make sure your stone is fully pre-heated. Most ovens will reach the right temperature in 15 minutes or so, but the stones take an additional 15-20 minutes beyond that. If you're using a grill, the same rule applies. 

After your stone is pre-heated slide your pizza directly onto the stone, place it in the cooking appliance, and cook until the desired doneness. 

There are a few best practices we like to recommend:

  • Use parchment paper. Parchment paper guarantees that the pizza will slide off your paddle, cookie sheet, or whatever you use to lift the pizza onto the stone, and it won't impact the crispiness.
  • Make sure the bottom of the dough is well-floured or use cornmeal. This is what most professional pizza chefs use, and it helps the dough not stick. 
  • Do not use any oils or cooking spray on the stone. This can cause it to smell when cooking.