The Cast Elegance pizza stone is tough enough that you can put your frozen pizza right on the hot stone and not have to worry about cracking it. 

The first step is to heat up the stone in the oven to the recommended temperature that the manufacturer suggests (do not use the convection setting).

Always put the pizza on a hot stone. As you cook more frozen pizzas, try varying the temperature and the time of cooking because each oven has different profile characteristics and will cook differently. Also, experiment with which rack to put the pizza on. We recommend putting the stone lower in the oven so that the dough gets crisper and the toppings do not cook too fast.

Cooking a frozen pizza has its challenges, the first being that frozen pizzas will often stick to the stone because a frozen pizza on a hot stone forms moisture on the bottom of the pizza between the pizza and the stone. The moisture turns to steam and actually “steams” the dough to the stone making a mess.

There are several ways to prevent the pizza from sticking. You can actually thaw out the pizza and dry out the bottom of the pizza before placing it on the stone. You should always dust a light layer of cornmeal or semolina flour on the stone before sliding the pizza on (professionals do this all of the time). You can also put the frozen pizza on parchment paper and then place the pizza with the parchment paper directly on the stone.