Cast Elegance pizza stones are manufactured at a temperature over 1800 degrees F. Simply put, at that temperature there is nothing left on or in the stone that isn't supposed to be there, and your stone on its own will not smell.

Depending on how you use the stone, some customers do encounter smells. These are the typical causes:

  1. It's your oven--Most customers rarely operate their ovens at 500 degrees F or higher until they use a pizza stone. If this is the first time your oven has been operated at a high temperature, it is likely that the smell is actually the oven. Running the oven's self-cleaning cycle should fix this issue.
  2. Absorbed foods--Over time, the stone absorbs what it touches, particularly liquids such as water and oils. These burn off as the stone is used, but if a significant amount of oil is on the stone, the oil itself will burn off over time giving a smell. You can speed up the burn-off process by running your stone through the oven's self-cleaning cycle. 
  3. The stone has been seasoned--Our stones do NOT require seasoning! If you have seasoned the stone, the oils used will burn off over time. 
  4. The stone has been cleaned with soap, detergent, or other chemicals--The stones are designed to absorb moisture to ensure the crispiest crust. Any liquid put on the stone will be absorbed by the stone. You should never clean the stone with anything other than water. 

For general cleaning instructions, click here.